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The culture teens are now living in make these relationships appear to be normal.

Adults living and working with kids can help combat the effects of the media if they know some simple rules.

Building healthy relationships (for adults): Many—if not most—adults have been in dozens of unhealthy relationships with family members, in the workplace, with children, friends, and romantic partners.

"It's a slower and difficult process," says Matt Simon, New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project.

"But the reality is that prohibition has failed in Vermont, and the majority of Vermonters are ready to move on with a new approach."According to a March survey of 755 registered voters by Public Policy Polling, 57 percent of Vermont voters support legalization, while only 39 percent are opposed.

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22, sending it back to the legislature for further consideration. 22, a bill to legalize cannabis in Vermont for adults over 21, landed on Republican Governor Phil Scott's desk – potentially making the state the first in the country to legalize marijuana through the legislative process, and not a ballot initiative.