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With all of that being said, we pretty much only use the app to check messages now.*Update after 1 year of use: Same problems, no helpful updates. You can't chat in the app or chat from the website if you are using a mobile phone even if you have an i Phone or i Pad.Different regions of the country might have a better option, but in VA, we're stuck with this. I would gladly pay just a little bit more if you could do these things, I might even sign up to become a life time member.Instead, let them approach you with the idea of wanting to open up to you.However, if you’re using a dating site like Fuckbook, then it’s okay to ask people if they swing.The SLS website is, by far, the best lifestyle networking site (at least for our area of the country), but it's extremely dated, like late 1990s dated. For us there are a slew of consistent navigational bugs.Hitting the "Back" tab will, more often than not, take us all the way back to the home screen, instead of just taking us to the previous page. It's also a disappointment that everyone's pics aren't available to view on the app, as you can on the actual site. You can't upload Picts from the app you can't view other members private Picts even if they have given you access.In case you want to know more about the swinger type of relationship, you must know the exact sites to get the right information.

Join our group full of lifestyle couples looking to get the most out of life and enjoy every moment of it in a safe, open environment.

Some people think that swingers don’t live normal lives. For the most part, they do lead rather normal day to day lives.

In fact, most of the swingers that I know have families and do normal things that all average couples do.

The official App Swingers App from SLS.e Mail - Search - Online - Dates - Events - Friends - Profiles - Pictures.

With this app you can access the key parts of SLS via your mobile device:-Upload pictures from your device (All Pictures must be approved by our team)-See who is online right now.

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This will be very important for people who want to know the exact places where the events will be taking place.

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