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After a tantalizing pre-credit sequence teases the tumbling plethora of forms assumed by Rachel Weisz’s fascinating femme fatale, the compact puzzler that ensues scrutinizes only one of them, pitting her in an elegant but elusive dialogue with Michael Shannon’s bemused onlooker.

A most surprising change of pace from Marston, following the international social realism of “Maria Full of Grace” and “The Forgiveness of Blood,” this Amazon Studios acquisition might find only a select audience, but could usher in a glossier phase of its helmer’s career.

Don't go into the woods on the island of Doctor Moreau/P. In recent memory, each season of Big Brother has had at least one "crazy" houseguest.

Not only do her parents disapprove of her acclimation to America; they consider her gift a curse. I started working commercials and hanging out in a dark theatre with a bunch of other acting kids. You come out here and you start taking acting classes and you study and you sign the commercials.I was a baby and my mom was obsessed with American television and I watched TV all the time and I just thought, what a wonderful place to be, in TV. I just kind of defied them and packed my bags and moved to LA. ” CS: (laughs) AG: “Please don’t tell people to watch that!I decided, “all right I’m going to give it a go,” and that’s what I did. ” and my mother’s like “who cares it looks so sexy” and I’m like “oh my god you crazy foreigner! I kind of was very defiant and independent my whole life and so whether or not they supported me never mattered.

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The series looked like it had everything going for it.

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  1. The actual schedule of these and other themed speed dating events varies as well and is determined by market demand and our ability to ensure a relatively close gender balance.