Are john krasinski and emily blunt still dating

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"I gotta be honest: It was brutal at times," he admits."We did tons of metabolic work, dragging sleds and all this stuff I've seen NFL players do."Despite the difficulty of the process, he admits to loving his new physique."I think there's a part of you where you become addicted to it," he tells the mag.

In order to prepare for his upcoming role as an ass-kicking Navy Seal in Michael Bay's January/February 2016 issue, he reveals he worked out five days a week, twice a day.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are one of Hollywood's most lovable couples, and based on what they've shared about their early days together, it sounds like they were adorable right from the start.

Before tying the knot in 2010, the pair started dating back in 2008, and as John once revealed to Ellen De Generes, it was more or less love at first sight — or, at least, "like" at first sight.

actress did have kind words for her former flame, telling Stern that the pair "had a good time" and that she still loves his family.

"I never want to talk about it," she said of the relationship before eventually declaring: "I can't do it." Buble has been open about his relationship missteps in the past, telling Canadian entertainment show, , earlier this year, "I was a jerk and I was careless and reckless with the hearts of women I was with." WATCH: Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Are Looking Forward to More Kids, but When?

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Since then, of course, the couple has shared more than a few sweet moments together on the red carpet and at award shows.