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Agency dating and orphanage russian

You may have read that Russian president Vladimir Putin recently signed a new law banning the adoption of Russian children by Americans.

Andrea Roberts read the news with “disbelief” and was sure this meant certain death for the dozens of Russian orphans with special needs for whom she helps to find American homes each year.

Our Life Skills program is designed to address these needs.

Through our Life Skills program, Orphan’s Tree targets specific needs of at-risk, older orphans and offers assistance with their education, employment, sociological integration, and helps them become contributors to society - breaking the cycle of abandoning their own children.

The judge’s decision is based on a review of the various documents in the case, and a closed court hearing which usually lasts about an hour.In a few regions, the parents may be represented at the hearing by an adoption agency employee.Most parents say that their court hearing was thorough, professional and friendly.Robert Shlegel, a member of Putin’s United Russia party and a deputy in the lower house of the Russian Parliament, has proposed an amendment to the law that will allow an exception for Russian orphans with special needs.“ The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for us,” says Roberts.

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Approximately two-thirds of the young people in our Life Skills program come from special needs orphanages.